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There are times when solace is vital, and what you truly want to wear a major comfortable free sweatshirt. How would you pull that off without looking messy or sloppy?

Here are 5 things I pondered when I styled this panther sweatshirt.


There are loads of sweatshirts out there, and most I would cruise directly by, yet the style of this one got my attention. In case I will be comfortable, why not do it in style? This adorable sweatshirt is somewhat not the same as most in light of the more drawn out tunic shape and present day side cuts. Rather than sitting at the abdomen or head of the hip, it falls straight down, giving it a new look. I pushed up the sleeves to make it look much more lively.

Panther PRINT

Strong shaded sweatshirts appear to be exhausting, and I’m not into publicizing anything on the facade of my sweatshirt, yet the possibility of this creature print got me. Panther has been drifting, and I truly preferred the inconspicuous panther print in this sweatshirt.


This sweatshirt is larger than usual, so you get that enormous open look into top. On the off chance that I wore this with simply any jeans, I would look as wide as a house. Yet, the key is to wear an open sweatshirt like this with thin pants. That looks stylish. These thin pants are my new top pick. They are by Wit and Wisdom at Nordstrom, and you can get them in numerous hues. They have a high midsection, fabulous stretch, and they land exactly at the ideal spot over your lower legs.


I could have worn my panther sweatshirt with any shading pants including pants, however as you probably are aware, I like a greater amount of an exquisite look, so I picked a tone on tone shading plan. The pants organize with the top, the shoes, and the pack. It resembles one long wash of shading, which looks more rich and is thinning exactly what I need when I am wearing such a voluminous top.


It’s stunning how extras can hoist something as straightforward as a sweatshirt and some jeans. The sack, the shoes, my studs, and the shades all polish off the look. Unexpectedly a sweatshirt is stylish!

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