FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion
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FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion

FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion Hey guys so today’s article is going to be a full face of Glossier makeup i asked you guys in my most recent full face of one brand kind of artilce where I did a full face of thrive cosmetics what you wanted to see next in so many of you guys.

FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion
FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion

We’re telling you that you wanted to see a full face of glossier makeup So that is what I’m doing for you guys today Excuse my hair by the way, I’m having one of those days where it’s a really really really bad hair day But I didn’t have time to do it before this article And so I just picked it up in a ponytail and I’m just hoping for the best, you know Every time I wear my hair like this I think of Carmen from ‘It Takes Two’.

Did you guys ever watch ‘It Takes Two’ I have a really really really big Mary-kate and Ashley Obsession back in the day. I was like the Olsen twins number one fan one of my favorite movies ‘It Takes Two’ and one of the little girls in the camp is Carmen and she has really curly hair and it’s always up in a ponytail and every time I do my hair like this where I Just pick up my hair and don’t do much else,

I always think of Carmen anyway enough about that So whenever you order stuff from the glossier website always comes in like this really cute Pink bubble mailer bag thing and I always like keeping these bags to take with me places I mean, I always travel with my travel makeup bag But this is really good to like keep your toiletries in here. So I don’t like spilling it everywhere And since it’s like bubbly, it’s very protective.

I don’t know I like these bags So I put everything in this bag because I did have to pick up a couple of things to complete a full face But I’m actually gonna go ahead and get started on my brows Glossier has a brow product that’s called the boy brow. It’s very similar to the benefit.

Gimme brow I feel like the glossy a boy brow came out first Maybe not maybe not maybe I mean that but it’s just one of these like tinted fiber brow gels I supposed to give you like the feathery brow look while adding little fibers and giving your brow a more fuller brow look, I’m giving the illusion of fuller brows and I Don’t love this. I mean I’ve used it in the past and I really enjoyed it, but I like a more sculpted brow I like to really fill in the brows with a brow is or brow pencil. Nothing with glossier. Is that This brand is more of a beauty enhanced.

It’s kind of like the girl next door kind of makeup It doesn’t have too much coverage. It’s not too glam. It’s more of like the natural makeup Which on day to day is something I really prefer or not my brows it crazy See, I don’t have like in naturally full brows. Like they’re kind of bald and I always have to go in with a brow is Before I go in with something like this, but just so you can see if you already have really pretty full brows This would be like all you need. I definitely have to do my brows. Look at this. They look crazy.

They’re so long I haven’t done them in forever Okay, so I’m gonna take a little bit of my uh, Nastasia brow Wiz and I’m just gonna fill in those gaps I’m only gonna fill in a little bit of this because I do want a more natural brow look today We’re going for a very natural See probably my brows is since I haven’t done them in like a trillion years they are so uneven they’re not sisters They’re not cousins.

They’re not even related to be honest Okay, I feel like that gave me a little bit of shape I don’t want to make them too dark or anything So now I’m gonna go back into the boy brow and just add a little bit You know what this is as good as it’s gonna get all right, okay So, like I said, this isn’t my favorite product But I can see why so many people love it and actually now looking at my brows like if I do Use it in conjunction with a brow pencil I do really like it and it does keep your brows in place all day It gives you that nice bold feathery look,

but it’s just again a little bit more natural So if that’s what you’re looking for I say go for it If you like like Instagram brows, you might like that just as like a finishing touch but not on its own, okay So for a primer, I’m gonna go in with the glossy a priming moisturizer I used to love this so much and then I got rid of it in like a priming declutter thing and then when this video got oh When this video we’re gonna so requested I was like,

oh man I gotta buy that priming moisturizer again because I didn’t have it and honestly when I got rid of it I remember getting rid of it because I was breaking out and I think this is the guy that was breaking me out But you know skin changes second chances in life are important So here we are It reminds me a lot of the Too Faced hangover RX primer but I actually like this one a little bit more in terms of consistency and texture but like I said I thought it was breaking me out and the Too Faced one does not so I mean,

we’ll see We’ll see I’m gonna start using this again because I really really loved it back in the day It gives your skin a very very moisturized feeling if you have dry skin you will really like it and then I’m actually gonna go in with another product on top of that before I go in with my Skin tint this is the glossy invisible shield daily sunscreen. This is SPF 35 This is actually a really really nice daily sunscreen because it just works.

So well underneath your makeup So if you’re someone who’s really out in the Sun all the time and your foundation doesn’t have SPF in it This is a really really nice SPF so I’m just gonna take a little bit of that on my hands and I’m just going to apply that directly on top of this primer and the back of the bottle does say apply over your entire face after the priming moisturizer and Before the perfecting skin tint so that’s what we’re doing.

FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion
FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion

Okay? So for foundation, I’m going in with the glossy perfecting skin tint. This is in the shade medium This is pretty much the most sheer coverage you will ever find in a product I’ve used this a few times in my life and I don’t exactly remember how I feel about it I just remember thinking it was so sheer But I didn’t think it was worth it like the coverage on this is like it gives you the bare Minimum folks like the bare minimum.

Um, it really does just tint the skin Just gives you a nice little tint and that’s about it So I like using it with something like this like a flat top kabuki just to give myself the most coverage I can get This is the Jaclyn hill and morphe JH. Oh three brush I’m just gonna start off in little sections and build this up little by little every time My subscriber asks me about the skin tint They asked me to compare it to the make up forevers face and body foundation that I love So much

and I don’t think they’re similar at all I don’t think this is anything like the Mac face and body either I think the face and body foundations have more coverage than this and you can build up the face and body Foundations like you can add two or three layers and you can build that up You can even build that up to full coverage believe it or not You just have to do like four or five layers,

but it never gets cakey So that’s why I love it this you can build it up as well You can sit here and do a few layers and you will get some coverage but it is very very sheer but again For those of you with really really nice skin if you don’t have a lot of acne or if you’re very young and just starting into makeup and you want to get something that’s just gonna maybe even out the skin tone give you a nice base for Products to put on top,

but you don’t really want any coverage. This might be for you just in general I do not think the skin tint is where it’s at. They just have other products that are a lot better in my opinion This doesn’t do enough for me, but I know so many people who love and adore this So, okay. I’m gonna give myself another little layer Okay, after applying two or three layers I do feel like I got a very very light coverage like a very very very light, but I see it I look a little bit less red my skin overall just looks a bit more even I mean it is what it is You know, okay for concealer though.

I do absolutely love the gloss a stretch concealer are used to rave about this I have the shades light and medium. This is just such a great concealer. It gives you a really really amazing coverage It does have quite the dewy finish So if you do not like that, you will not like these concealers but it just makes your skin look so fresh awake and doing it just brands up the under eyes and I Really really like these I’m gonna take the shade of light underneath my eyes on this deluxe crease brush from Real Techniques I’m just going in first with this brush and then I will blend it in with another brush

FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion
FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion

But I’m just laying down the product with this one. I just recently got this Real Techniques set at Ulta It’s all of their original amazing brushes that I love in a door But they kind of look a little bit different like this is the blush brush and it’s a lot thinner than my brush blush Brush blush brush. I know the barrels are different They’re like limited-edition for holiday, but even the brush feels a little bit different and same goes for this This is the expert face brush. I don’t know but something feels different to people still really really love Real Techniques I know I do.

I’m dying to know do you guys still use Real Techniques? Do you love Real Techniques? I don’t hear people talking about them that much anymore makes me sad I’m gonna add a little bit more right here where I need the most coverage I just love how do we and fresh this makes the skin look a lot of the times I would just take the shade medium And

use this as like a spa concealer all over my face and it would give my face such a beautiful dewy effect I wouldn’t even put anything on my face just a little bit of light under the eyes and medium on the rest of my face And it just looked so beautiful I would do that when I was a little bit more tan and medium is a little bit dark for me But I’m gonna take a little bit of the medium shade and I’m gonna put it in areas where I feel like I need a little bit more coverage, so Around my nose and in between my brows here. I’m actually gonna put some on my nose Okay,

and to set all of that I’m gonna use one of my favorite glossier products ever definitely top five in my opinion And that is the outer this is their powder and I have the shade light/medium Which is a little bit too dark for underneath the eyes when I purchased this I was a bit tanner So I have a feeling this might darken up my under-eye.

So I’m just gonna apply a little bit of this. Oh No, it didn’t darken it up too much. I love this powder. It’s so good. I’m just gonna add that to everywhere I put the concealer even though I didn’t put any concealer on my lids and I’m gonna prime my lids with something. That’s fine And then just everywhere else. I put the concealer.

Okay really quickly I’m gonna take a little bit of my pillow ease makeup base and I’m gonna prime my lids glossier doesn’t have an eyeshadow primer So I’m just gonna add a little bit of this even though we are about to put the most minimal product ever on our lives I just wanna add a little bit of something to help bring out what we’re about to put down glossier has these Lip stars that look like this the packaging is really really cute But I have come to the conclusion that I don’t I don’t like these this is really the only eye Product they have they don’t really have I shadow czar anything like that At least not yet,

and I’ve tried a few shades of these and every single one that I try I don’t love the only one I haven’t tried yet is cub and we’re about to put this on our entire eye and then I also have The shade slip which I’ve used before Not my favorite. They’re just a little bit too sheer. They don’t give me enough on the lids And I know I know it’s glossier that’s like their Forte. That’s their thing But to me, it’s not worth the money If I’m not gonna see that much on my lid, you know So I’m gonna take a little bit of the shade slip I’m gonna add that to my inner corners like the inner half of my eye and Tap it out with my finger. Oh, maybe I shouldn’t have put down an eyeshadow primer.

does this like work better on No prime? Thank you. Do you see what I mean? They’re just so sheer to begin with, you know, like you toapp it out with your finger and it’s like oh that’s gone That was like so pointless to me forget about that I’m gonna go in with the sheet KUB and see if this one gives me a little bit more you know what it it?

they’re just so oily. I just don’t like them I even tried mixing it up in here to see if maybe I’m just getting the oily parts Maybe you gotta shake it up mix it up. But no I tried doing that. I tried doing that But all I get is this sheer, semi oily Sheen and maybe this is the kind of look you’re going for you know this barely-there Look, I know that some of you guys like are into this for sure for sure but for me I just have other products in my collection that I use in this way or it’s just like a one-and-done I shadow look but that still give me more than this and I just don’t like the formula on this I don’t like these I don’t like these at all.

Okay, you know what? I’m gonna take my hourglass unlocked palette and I’m just gonna add the bronzer in my crease a little bit I know this is cheating. But I just want to add a little bit of color in the crease and then I’m gonna add that bronzer to my lower lash line And then I’m gonna go in with the glossy a halo scope This is a cream highlight which I’m gonna use on my face in just a second But I’m gonna take a little bit of this to use as my brow bone highlight and on my inner corners as well.

FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion
FULL FACE OF Glossier | women fashion

For mascara, I’m going in with a brand new glossier product I’ve never tried out. This is their lash slick and based off of the whole glossier vibe, I have a feeling this might be a very sheer Mascara, but I don’t want to misjudge it. So let’s just try it out Okay Not bad. Actually, I expected a little bit less.

It does give you like a wispy effect like a really soft romantic Wispy effect which I do really like let me add another Coat see how it builds. I like it. I really like this. It’s not super voluminous It doesn’t make your lashes look too thick but I like it Okay, so for the rest of the face glossier doesn’t really have a bronzer they just have these amazing amazing Cloud paints. These are their blushes and I’ve spoken about these before I recently included these in my favorite cream products video These are some of the best cream blushes I have ever used if you’re gonna try out something from glossier Oh my gosh, check out the powder and check out these cloud paints.

They’re unreal, so Let’s see since I have such a bold eye look today. I took blush Should I go in with I think I’m gonna mix these two together I’m gonna take puff and dust because I like puff cuz it’s like peeing in it mattress But I feel like it might be too pink. So I want to mix in a little bit of dusk That’s what I love about these. They’re just so customizable So I’m gonna take some I say with puff like a powder puff or like a powerpuff girl I like that name puff. It’s cute. I’m gonna take some just alright Mix these two colors.

Oh, very very very pretty. I think I might have mixed in too much dusk So I’m gonna take some more puffs I mean when you mix them together you do waste a lot of product but don’t be a savage like me and pour so much on the back of your hand when you mix them use very Little it’s created such a pretty pinky nude. Oh my gosh like that gorgeous. So a lot of it, but it’s gorgeous I’m gonna take my it cosmetics number 132 airbrush flawless complexion brush I’m just gonna go into this and then tap some off I always get confused when I apply blush before my bronzer. Like my brain doesn’t understand that order Okay so this is the blush on my cheeks really soft and pinky and Romantic and it just gives you such a like very very subtle glow to the cheeks.

It doesn’t have a sheen in it It’s like a matte blush, but because it is a green it gives like a very subtle glow and I love it Okay, so I’m gonna but of this highlight this is the halo scope highlight I used on my eyes earlier and I don’t love this. This is a cream highlight, but for me, it just doesn’t give me enough Shininess, it’s more glossy than anything It doesn’t really give me that much of a sheen and it kind of applies a little bit thick I find that sometimes it’ll disrupt my makeup underneath and it’s just oh no, it’s not my favorite.

It looks really pretty Don’t get me wrong. I saw a lot more highlights in my collection that I liked more than this. So It doesn’t do it for me Not my favorite glossy a product if you want that no makeup makeup a look where you want a little bit of highlight That’s really gonna be just like a the bare minimum glow but look very natural.

Then you might really like that. Okay really quickly I’m gonna go ahead and apply it the rest of my face makeup because dossier doesn’t have bronzer and all that like I said So I’m just gonna apply a little bit of this bronzer and a little bit of the highlight from the unlock palette and I’m gonna be using the glossy a brush that comes with the water Well, it doesn’t come with the water, but you can buy it with the router and I love this brush It’s awesome for contouring for powder. It’s just so soft obsessed The more than I look at my skin with this damn thing on it the more that I like it I think I’m looking at it and I’m like, wow, it doesn’t make my skin look dewy though This is a very wet finish. It just doesn’t give you like a sheen. You know what I mean? It gives you like a gloss.

So if that’s what you’re into and sometimes I am I just never reach for this I could just Feel like I helped others. I like more. I don’t know Okay, so glossy also has these really amazing little lipsticks my favorite one is Leo but I cannot find it anywhere How many times do I say that in my videos? I can’t find it. I was looking everywhere this morning for that Damn, Leo lipstick. I looked through like three of my purses. I cannot find it, but it’s such a pretty deep nude I love it. It’s really similar to the color pop blotted lips.

If you’ve ever tried those out, it’s just such a nice formula I love it, but I cannot find it. So I am gonna go in with the glossy a lip gloss This lip gloss is amazing. It’s very very juicy Very glossy gives you that like hmm, you know, so it’s really really nice. It reminds me of like the 90s I just freaking love it. It makes your lips look Wet like glass. Okay guys, so that completes this video. This was a full face using glossy a makeup It is a very dewy minimal fresh kind of look. That’s pretty much what glossier is really about? Oh, I also picked up.

I wanted to mention this also picked up There’s it stick and I find that this thing is really really good You just like roll it on your zit And I find that the next day my sets do look a lot smaller, so I haven’t really been liking this But yeah, I really really like glossier.

There are a few things I don’t like like I do not like these this is pretty but not my favorite I don’t think it’s worth the money but things that are worth some money that I absolutely recommend the stretch concealer The router this SPF is great I really really love this freaking primer and I love obsess over their cloud paints So yeah, let me know in the comments below what you like from this brand what you don’t like from this brand Let me know your thoughts about anything glossier in the comments below. What is the next one brand tutorial? Which brand do you want to see me tackle next? So let me know in the comments below Yeah guys have to place this article.

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