Five Best Teeth Whitening Products 2020
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Five Best Teeth Whitening Products 2020

Five Best Teeth Whitening Products 2020 We’re going to talk about today! Teeth whitening products. Yeah we did a reallyreally interesting experiment with five different teeth whitening products.

 Five Best Teeth Whitening Products 2020
Five Best Teeth Whitening Products 2020

Wehad five of our staff volunteer to whiten their teeth with various productsand we’re going to tell you a little bit about the results of those teethwhitening products that are very very popular these days.Our first volunteer was Tara and Tara used something called Auraglow whichoverall she felt was effective and she liked it.

She felt there was animprovement. Part of it is the use of a LED light that supposedly helps activatethe material and makes it more effective but there are those who feel that the LEDlight really doesn’t do much of anything it may be more of a gimmick than realityas far as real effectiveness is concerned.

So here’s Tara. Hi, my name is Tara I used the whitening product Auraglow. OverallI felt like this was a great product I didn’t notice a difference at first thefirst use but after about the third time I noticed that this product really wasmaking my teeth a lot whiter just had to use it for 30 minutes a day you can doit while you’re watching TV. I would recommend this product to really anyonethe only thing I did not like was the size of the mouth guard. It was a littlebig it is one size fits all so you kind of have to get used to that.

At first Idid notice a lot of sensitivity but after about the second time it wasn’t asmuch as like the normal whitening strips you can always use some fluoride afteror something like that to calm down the sensitivity by the next day it wasnormally fine. Other than that it was a great product. And so our next victim, Imean volunteer is Skyler who is the only male volunteer that we have today andSkyler is great he does a lot of our videos actually and so let’s talk alittle bit about Skyler who used something called Opalescense.

It’s a combination of 20% peroxide and toothpaste Skyler I thinkthought the peroxide did most of the work but he’ll tell you himself. Hi my name isSkyler and I did the peroxide solution by opalescence it was 20% peroxide andyou put that into a tray and then you put that on your teeth upper and lower.And then I also used the opalescence whitening toothpaste and I ended upliking it it tasted it tasted okay it wasn’t great. I definitely felt like itwhitened my teeth my teeth were so much brighter after the first week when Iused it.

I forgot to use it one night I used it every other night but at night Iwent from maybe an hour some nights I used it maybe three hours. One of theissues that I ran into with it was when I did the mouth guardyou would dip it in hot water and then it would kind of melt and then you canmold it to your teeth and I actually molded it improperly and it caused a lotof pain and sensitivity at the bottom of my lower gum.

So just read theinstructions before you do it because I actually didn’t. So, it wasn’t exactly apleasant thing to put in every night but I definitely felt like it whitened myteeth a lot. Next let’s hear from Beth. Beth used a product called super smiletooth whitening kit so when we’re talking about teeth whiteningthis was her product.

You know I think she had mixed feelings about it it was alittle bit of a nuisance to use there’s a part of it where you use a pen to helpwhiten the teeth and then you have to keep that exposed for a minute there’s arinse. Anyway, it’s interesting what she had to say so, let’s hear aboutit. Hi I’m Beth. I did the Supersmile teethwhitening kit.

It was not difficult but it was kind of time-consuming you haveto use two different toothpastes one is an accelerator one is a like a almostlike an abrasive kind of toothpaste you mix those together on the toothbrush anduse that and then you have to use a rinse which tasted terrible. It left mymouth feeling kind of gross I thought it would be refreshing like a mint orsomething like that it was notand I dreaded having to do it.

 Five Best Teeth Whitening Products 2020
Five Best Teeth Whitening Products 2020

You’re supposed to use it in the morning and atnight. It also came with a little paint on whitening pen that you could take with you on the go. I don’t know that I noticed a really big difference betweenthe before and the after. I have used other products that I feel were muchmore effective than this. I don’t know that I would recommend the wholeSupersmile kit, if you were going to try it I would get just the toothpaste andthe accelerator that you can buy separately without having to get thewhole kit.

That would be my recommendation, but good luck to you!As far as tooth whitening products is concerned we have Deborah, but actuallywhat she used really isn’t specifically for tooth whitening. But Doreen whoyou’ll see later did use it for something else and she felt it didwhiten her teeth, so Deborah thought she would try it.It’s called MI paste it is used for sensitivity. So actually sometimes afterwhitening, your teeth can be sensitive, and the MI paste may help to reducesensitivity. So let’s hear from Deborah regarding MI paste.

Hi, I’m Deborah, and Iused MI paste. I don’t think it made my teeth much whiter. I ordered traysseparately that were very difficult to use. It says put them on hot water itgives you two pages of directions I couldn’t get the directions right theymelted. Once I had custom trays made it was much easier. I would like to try adifferent whitening product rather than this one to see if I could get a betterresponse. I had no difficulty whatsoever it was very easy to use. So next we haveDoreen. Doreen has been with this office and with me for a long long time longerthan anybody else who has been here. So she volunteered to do the crestwhitening strips and she was pretty satisfied.

She said they’re very easy touse, they’re invisible so the comfort was good, the ease of use was good and shewas pretty pleased with her result and take it Doreen it’s all yours. Hi, my nameis Doreen and the whitening product I use was Crest 3d white strips. Supereasy to use. I could wear it when I was working when I was exercising when I was shopping very very convenient, undetectable and you put a stripon the top teeth on the bottom teeth for one hour a day for 20 days. I think itdefinitely made my teeth brighter probably whiter and I would recommend it.So let’s talk about the results. Skyler probably got the best results with Taraa close second.

Doreen probably was third as far as her results is concerned.She felt it was very convenient easy to use. The results maybe not quiteso dramatic but nevertheless she liked it. Beth had mixed feelings about it. Herresults were perhaps a little bit better but the use of it was a little inconvenient so Beth was probably ranked fourth in that group.

And last was Deborah but Deborah was using MI paste which although worked for Doreen wasn’t really meantfor whitening so Deborah didn’t feel she really got any result from the MI pasteand really wants to try something else. So guys and gals, ladies and gentlemenwho do you think got the best results?

Please leave your comments here belowand let us know what you think and after a couple of months we’ll select onesubscriber and give that subscriber the teeth whitening product of their choice!So your comments are valuable, anything else you’d like to know about or have usdiscuss please let us know, and remember most of all, keep your mouth healthy yourbody will definitely be healthier. Have a great day! restore your smile and yourhealt.

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