Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul
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Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul

Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul hey friends i will give you an artilce today based on something that I had plans for beforewe were all quarantined so today is all about spring dresses and outfits you canwear to graduations baby showers weddings date night even and I don’tknow when that’s gonna happen.

Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul
Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul

but hopefully this helps you for when itdoes you can have everything at your fingertips make sure to be following meon the like to know it app as I will have all of the links posted here foryou in the description of this video and you will be able to shop by photo soit’ll be really easy for you once you follow me on the app just click thephoto in my actual profile of the app.

so just search for stacy rodyyou’ll see some of my photos pop up click one of them and then you willclick the little circle profile picture at the very top right that will take youto my page where you can hit the follow button and then you’ll have accessforever you can also follow me on Instagram.

of course but I wanted to showyou one other product that I’m excited about when I was getting my brows microbladed which it’s been like three weeks now I’m super happy with him but I goback in in a couple weeks for a little touch-up and maybe tweaking out thecolor so I was talking to my girlfriend I’ve known her for years and we aretalking about lip injections and I told her I am so freaked out to get lipinjections she’s like well I’ve had him a couple times but to be honest with youI’m not you know I’m not a huge fan and this lip injection lip gloss is likejust as good I’m like what come again.

what we’re class tell me so it’s by TooFaced it’s called instantly sexy lips lipinjection I got the small size because a lot of lip plumpers hurt my lips like itburns it stings and this one you guys I’ve had it on for like ten minutes nowand I love it it smells really clean almost like a citrusy like I don’t evenknow it doesn’t really have much of a smell but it smells good to me it’s verythin very sheer giving me the plump and it’s just like a like a clear color soI’m gonna link this here too because if all else fails and you are in yourjoggers today and you just want a little beauty update order some of theand have fun with it because you know sometimes you just don’t want the needleso let me get on with the Tryon and I will see you in a second all rightfriends so this dress I am in love with that’s why I wanted to show you first itis a free people tunic so shown on the website you can wear of pants orleggings because look it’s nice and long in the back.

but with Free People I oftencan wear a small when I’m normally a medium so I just sized up to a mediumand it I think it’s like the cutest little dress it is super stretchy I’vegot it paired with this amazing bag which I will link for you as well and Ijust wanted to show you with Free People the arms are super long on it and it’sjust a very elastic e drapey material that hangs and feels like it’s gonnacover all the lovely lady lumps and still look cute so it comes in a blackwhich I really like the black color but I wanted to take a risk and go with thispurpley Coralie color because I have a lot of black .

so if you follow me at allyou’re like Stace get rid of the black so this was mestepping out of my comfort zone absolutely love itgreat with sandals it would be beautiful with heels and yeah so cute alright sothis dress is super affordable and can be worn with really any jacket that youhave that goes with this color and I will show you the strap you could wearyour normal bra with it and it’s got a great link to it so you could dosneakers heels whatever you want wear some Spanx under it if you want but ifyou don’t like strapless bra I don’t like strapless bras and I’ll show you acouple dresses.

Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul
Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul

today that need them but this little tool right here I’ll show you you can clasp if you put it like this you can put both of your bra like you can cinch the back of your bra straps to it oh look there’s some art on my wall and that will show as it’ll just pull your bra back so that it doesn’t show on your sleeves so tank tops in the summer oftentimes I’ll just use this little guy and it’s super easy so I’ll link these for you too alright darlings so the stress is probably I don’t even know where this has been my whole life to be honest when I got it and put it on again it has that thick draping material that hides all the imperfections on the BOD on the mom bod but I wanted to show you first what it could do with this jacket you know I love the zipper detail it’s really versatile I love the color and I found it the cheapest.

where I will link it for you but I thought because of the colors it worked really well there is some browning here but I’ll show you the dress in a second by itself I wanted to mention though that I paired it with a thicker wedge because I don’t want to do a thin dainty heel with such a thick suede jacket this will take us from spring to summer beautifully but again watch your balance with it all I just feel like that’s really important otherwise it can be thrown off a tiny bit so yeah let me show you what it looks like without the jacket though so here’s the dress by itself as you can see it’s got so many good colors perfect waistline perfect little sleeve and then it has the buttons that go down would be really cute with a jean jacket this bag.

you guys are so affordable it just snapshot would hold everything that you need the earrings are completely like I don even know they’re definitely under $20 so the price is right for all of this dress is under 40 and then I paired it with the classic dainty heel just because I feel like if you were going to a wedding this would be the absolute perfect way to dress yourself up but still feel comfortable and be able to dance the heels on these shoes are not crazy tall which I love too so a must-have I feel like for every girl’s closet this outfit is so easy to wear super casual it’s just a graphic tee I nodded at the waist I feel like with any skirt you need to have it be either tucked in.

or like a bodysuit or knotted so that it’s not flowy on top of flowy but these are the old navy like $2flip-flops so again we’re with a sweatshirt have a jean jacket on with it tie a sweatshirt around your waist I think we’re like a jean jacket around your waist that would be super cute too so yeah this is has been a favorite of mine for a long time you can see how it’s longer in the back and it just has an elastic waistband so it’s like the most comfortable thing you feel like you’rein your bathroom,

Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul
Amazon Dresses For Women-Amazon Fashion 2020-Spring 2020 Amazon Put On Haul

basically all right let me show you the next one right girl so when this dress came I was a little nervous because it kind of felt a little short but I think that sometimes when you wear flats with a shorter dress it doesn’t feel so look at me so that’s the goal here is just don’t look at me too much it’s got a really pretty view you can see it goes down a little bit so I have a bralette on and of course this bag goes perfectly with it.

but I wanted to show you the back if I can here you can see my bra covers most of my back but the dress definitely leaves a very big space if it’s true to size this is a medium honestly though I stinking love it.

I think it looks great like the Hat just makes it a little bit more of an outfit you could wear a really cute top knot with it if you wanted because it does come up enough to where it’s not showing too much again we don’t want to be the mom who’s trying too hard that is something that I really I’m like listenI’m in my 40s it cannot be trying too hard for anything

but if you want something pretty flowy it does have a slip with it this slip is decently short so um yeah it’s just cute though I really like it I would definitely recommend it to you guys alright girls this is the last dress I wanted to show you and we have a special guest the bowl Sam wears is here

so let me show you my dress really quick it is a perfect one I am wearing a strapless bra which you know I don’t love but it’s the only thing that works with this has a really nice waistline and then it has a slip and a slit I am wearing a chunkier wedge with it because I think that feminine details kind of go well with something like this especially if you are at a resort or if you’re just home I think this dress works for either way super cute with jean jackets right this wouldn’t these be great yeah okay you want to show your dress so my like a little bow and it has spaghetti straps and just a design on the bottom and that’s really all it is in its white it’s so cute so if you want to match you matching outfit ha babe yeah looks good okay so thanks guys for watching I hope you have the best day.

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